Stranger Things 2: Series Review

As I’ve said, Stranger Things 2 had a different appeal from the first mainly because the first season established how Eleven became part of the party that destroyed the threat looming over Hawkins. This time around, the series took time to establish relationships of its other characters.… Read More Stranger Things 2: Series Review


Flatliners (1990): Movie Review

All in all, I think that the original Flatliners was a pretty solid movie but it was limited by the standards of the 90s in terms of storytelling. And because of this, there wasn’t a really great sense of consequence for attempting to toy with life. I think the reboot has a great premise to navigate as audiences are now more open to accepting bolder twists and consequences. It also has the platform to take the original concept to terrors that the original dared not explore. I have great expectations.… Read More Flatliners (1990): Movie Review