Searching: Movie Review

Searching was anything but flashy. It was simple. It was subtle. It was creative. It was brave. It had a clear direction in mind, and it was to tell this intense thriller that relied on substance than style (although I was a big fan of this filmmaking technique as well). It tackled important topics like grief and connections and in all of these, it managed to keep audiences well involved in every aspect of the story and blow them away with the ending. If that isn’t a successful filmmaking, I don’t know what is. … Read More Searching: Movie Review

Inspiration Overload: The power of motivation through sharing

I’ve been meaning to write an entry about a seminar that I attended about two weeks ago entitled Social Media though Social Change, which is the third leg of the chat series sponsored by, a revolutionary news website together with its partners the Philippine Association of Communication Education, Philippine Fullbright Scholarship Organization, Asian… Read More Inspiration Overload: The power of motivation through sharing