Triple Frontier: Movie Review

By its end, viewers will wonder what the hell just happened and shake their heads at the waste of potential that the collaboration among these fine actors presented. If you’re looking for an action movie that will challenge your intellect and your adrenalin, this is not the movie for you, but if you simply want to raise your blood pressure for no particular reason, feel free to check it out.  Don’t be fooled by the cool trailer. You’ve been warned.… Read More Triple Frontier: Movie Review

Don’t Breathe: Movie Review

While I felt that some of the characters deserved a better ending, I was completely hooked by Don’t Breathe from beginning to end. I loved every moment, even though I felt like I was about to pee with terror the entire time. It was a master class in horror. Moral of the story, Never mess with Stephen Lang, whether he’s playing Col. Miles Quatrich or a blind guy, he will kick your ass. … Read More Don’t Breathe: Movie Review

Vertige (High Lane): Movie Review

Vertige (High Lane) is a French film about five-long time friends – thrill seeker Fred (Nicolas Giraud), his girlfriend Karine (Maud Wyler), depressed nurse Chloe (Fanny Valette), her ex-boyfriend Guillaume (Raphael Lenglet) and her current boyfriend Loic (Johan Liberau), who embark on a mountain climbing adventure in Croatia to take their friend Chloe’s mind off… Read More Vertige (High Lane): Movie Review