It (2017): Movie Review

Most of the film’s success, for me, lies in the casting. The team made sure to understand the characters before adding actors to the roster. As a matter of fact, almost none of these actors have even starred in major roles before this remake. It was definitely a major risk. Because the team completely understood what it wanted to do from the beginning with the great script from Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman, it became free to explore its possibilities and in the end delivered on the fans’ high expectations — even more. … Read More It (2017): Movie Review


Strobe Edge Live Action: Movie Review

Even though Strobe Edge took its sweet time to reach its final outcome, by its end you feel so invested in the characters that you feel the same joy that they feel. And you feel like you too worked so hard for that happy ending that you deserve to be there at ringside to witness it. This love story took a lot of detours but it reached its final destination right where it began and it was — beautiful. … Read More Strobe Edge Live Action: Movie Review

Today’s Kira-Kun Live Action: Movie Review

I was expecting something really cute from a manga adaptation. But I got so much more when I watched Today’s Kira-kun. The movie made me feel like a crazy person, one minute grinning because of the pureness and innocence of Ninon and Kira’s young love, and the next bawling my eyes out because the reality of Kira’s condition rears its ugly head at the most inopportune times.… Read More Today’s Kira-Kun Live Action: Movie Review

The Dark Tower: Film Review

There were a lot of cool things about this movie. The fight scenes were something to behold. The script (by superteam Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinkner, Anders Thomas Jensen and Nikolaj Arcel) was equally good. The gunbattles were neat but I’m an even bigger fan of the reloads. Its weird, I know but you have to see the movie to understand what I’m talking about. The CGI was also masterfully used. It wasn’t overdone just because the studio had the budget to do it, and this was very good news for the overall outcome of the movie. … Read More The Dark Tower: Film Review

#Netflix Death Note: Movie Review

All in all, Netflix’s Death Note may not be technically a failure for anyone who has no idea who or what the original characters were. But believe me that this remake was a copout devoid of anything that the franchise was about. A remake is supposed to be a fresh take on a franchise but still retain its basic essence, and this version just took the title and went with it. This is why, even though the actual reveal at the end should have provided the wow factor, but it delivered nothing but relief that the movie has ended. And guess what, I never even raised the issue of the whitewash. … Read More #Netflix Death Note: Movie Review

Wonder Woman: Movie Review

All in all, DC is well on its way to perfecting its formula for its next offerings. I have a guess that with the addition of Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa to the franchise, they will play off the dark and brooding energies that its two main superheroes Superman and Batman have already displayed. Oh, and Wonder Woman doesn’t need to prove herself in upcoming installments, she kicked the boys asses with this movie, for sure.   … Read More Wonder Woman: Movie Review