Hi and welcome to itswynnesworld!

If you’re wondering, this site covers a variety of topics but it mainly caters to movie lovers, television addicts, bookworms, and travelers. It also features an occasional post about lifestyle activities and food.

Tip: If you’re looking for book recommendations, the titles in the book section come highly recommended by me as I hardly finish reading anything that does not catch my full undivided attention. The movie reviews are a bit more tricky as there are some that are just so good or so awful that I just couldn’t help but write about them. I have a higher tolerance for bad films than books. You may or may not agree so feel free to sound off on the comments section.

I’m currently working on organizing my blog so that it could focus only on movie and TV reviews but readers (all three of you) need not worry as I will be hosting the other content on a sister site which will be featured on by blogroll as soon as the changes are done.

By the way, I’m Angie Chui, a former newspaper reporter, and now content developer by day and blogger by night. Thanks for dropping in. Nice to meet you.

So whoever you are, however you arrived here, enjoy your visit and happy reading!