Stranger Things: Why Steve Harrington is our Best Guy

One the best character arcs in Stranger Things would no doubt be Steve Harrington. From a secondary character, he worked his way up to the top of fans lists so much so that when reports of multiple deaths floated around for Season 4, fans trended the hashtag #ProtectSteve Harrington and #ProtectSteveatAllCost.

Of course, even though fans were heartbroken over the total body count at the end of season 4, they heaved a collective sigh of relief that Joe Keery’s character made it through another season.

Over the years, Steve’s character took on many iterations. Here are just some of our favorites as we prepare the long wait for Stranger Things Season 5.

King Steve. As the most popular dude at school, Steve Harrington was initially built up as a bully but considering everything that’s happened, he really wasn’t. He never deliberately preyed on anyone and broke Jonathan’s camera only when he thought he was being a creep, spying on his house and Nancy. He even bought him a replacement at the end of Season 1. He may have been concerned about his reputation but when push came to shove, he came to Nancy’s defense and severed ties with his friends (who were the actual bullies).

Steve, the Romantic. Just imagine what it would have felt like to be thrust in the middle of a battle with a Demogorgon without any idea of what’s going on (Season 1). Steve risked his life to help Nancy and Jonathan even though he sucked at fighting. He fought hard to stay together with Nancy in Season 2 (only to have his heart broken to find out she didn’t love him), and as it turned out, still carried a torch for her the entire time when he confessed his feelings to her in Season 4. Poor Steve.

Steve, the Mentor. While Steve and Dustin’s pairing was accidental, their chemistry was off the charts. Brokenhearted Steve gave Dustin sage advice on romance and was unafraid to pal around with him (a self professed nerd) and support his theories without question (Seasons 2 and 3). Also, even though he was obviously jealous of Dustin’s closeness with Eddie, I liked that he was the first to hear him while they were on the Upside Down, a testament to their strong bond.

Steve, the Wingman. Steve is a really cool guy. When he was starting to develop feelings of Robin and she confessed to being gay, there was no judgement on his part. He tucked away his broken heart and supported her at a time when being a lesbian was still a closet thing. All through Season 4, he kept encouraging her. He rooted for her happiness and that’s what genuine friendship is like.

Steve, the Babysitter. The role that Steve excels most at is protecting the Hawkins gang. Sure, his wards continue to grow in number with each adventure but you have to give the guy credit for sticking his neck out multiple times to protect the party. While he abhors the role of babysitter, he’s the best at it because he cares so much for the kids. There’s no one who can do what Steve Harrington does.

Is there any more question on why we love the guy?