Why Inspector Murillo is the Worst Character in Money Heist

murillo1I’ve devoted the past week of my life to finishing the first three seasons of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) and I suppose I deserve to air my frustrations about the characters lest I explode before the fourth season premiere. I did two reviews for Money Heist Seasons 1 to 3 but of course, I had to refrain from spoilers to maintain the suspense for the very few readers I have on my page.

This post is actually inspired by a post I read about how Tokyo was the worst character on the show but really, its a neck and neck battle with another character and this is none other than Inspector Raquel Murillo. Its a shame too because she was actually built up as a no-nonsense character who is the best at handling high risk situations and hostage negotiations and up to a certain point, she does live up to those standards. Overall though, her successes were overtaken by her mistakes and its because she makes pi*s poor judgement at every turn.

Lets count down on the reasons why I believe the Inspector is in the running for worst character honors. Here are the instances that prove that she is:

When she caved to Prieto on key decisions of the case. Raquel seemed like a competent empowered woman at the beginning of the Money Heist. Everyone seemed to think so. They told her countless times that she was the only person who can do the job. But when it came time to decision making, she easily caved in to Colonel Prieto with very little prodding. First, when she agreed to free Allyson Parker instead of eight underage hostages (which of course resulted in a media lynching) and she released false information about Berlin which eventually blew up in her face. And she had the gall to act all high and mighty about it. Sheesh.

When she took personal time off while she was handling the biggest case in Spain. I get it. It gets hard to balance being a mother afraid of losing custody of her daughter all the while juggling for caring for a mom suffering from Alzheimers’ Disease. The question would have to be, could she not have hired someone, a medical professional, a trusted caretaker to oversee her household? She was after all an Inspector with the Spanish Police and not a mere patrol officer. I’m sure she could afford it. Her constant panic at what her ex husband would do has clouded her judgement once too often throughout the first two seasons of the show (and allowed the Professor to get under her skin, which leads me to the next instance)

When she confided to a complete stranger the intricacies of her life and the case. I get it. Again. She was stressed out and tired and here was a good looking stranger who lent a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on. But her instincts have warned her that there was something off about him and yet, she continued to pursue her relationship with Salva, giving him key information about her personal life and her professional one as well.

When she did not follow protocol upon learning the Professor’s identity. All hopes that the Inspector was a level headed professional went out the window when, instead of arresting the Professor and interrogating him under police custody, she took him to the Toledo house to ask him questions with the aim of uncovering how he truly felt about her. This resulted in lapses in judgement and questioning her loyalties.

When she forsake her one true ally because of her feelings for the Professor. One does strange things when one is in love but worst is to forsake a friend and comrade for an unknown. Raquel felt like she let down Angel when he got in an accident trying to warn her about Salva and it was well deserved because she was the worst type of friend ever. She never even gave Angel the benefit of the doubt or the chance to explain himself. All this while deliberately quelling her own suspicions about Salva because they slept together.

When she blew up at the Professor when he spoke the truth. In the third season, Raquel’s presence in the operation was an unncessary complication that hampered the Professor’s ability to think clearly. Everyone knew it. And yet, when her family was threatened by Sierra during the negotiations, she blew up at Sergio for endangering them while they went out on a mission. Sergio only spoke the truth when he pointed out that a) nobody asked her to come and b) she wasn’t needed in the operation. Worse, she only distracted the Professor by making out in the most inappropriate places in the most critical times.

When she failed to execute the plan and endangered the operation. The worst offense probably was that she failed to execute the Professor’s brilliant plan and endangered herself, which threatened to blow the Professor’s cover. I think this will be a key factor in the fourth season but I’m glad she’s out of the way for the Professor to regain his faculties together and lead the team the way he did in the first two seasons. Unfortunately, it could also go the other way and lead to his unravelling. But we’ll get there soon enough as I continue this saga with Why the Professor is the Worst Character in Money Heist tomorrow.

In all fairness to Murillo, the plan at the Royal Mint of Spain would not have succeeded if not for not for her but still, this does not soften the blow as to why she is the absolute worst. Lisbon by a*s.