The Aeronauts: First Thoughts

Very few trailers get me as excited as I have about Amazon Prime’s The Aeronauts featuring Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne and Academy Award nominee Felicity Jones. Believe me, the mere idea of getting Eddie Redmayne on any movie is enough to get me on board but the fact that The Aeronauts features him in his best element is more than enough to give me goosebumps about this next big adventure.

Synopsis: The Aeronauts is loosely based on the true story of James Glaisher and Henry Coxwell’s attempt to reach the highest flight altitude with a hot air balloon way back in 1862, all in the name of science. For the film, Coxwell is replaced by a strong female character, Amelia Wren, portrayed by Felicity Jones. The film takes its cue from Richard Holmes’ book Falling Upwards: How we Took to the Air. 

I liked the sense of adventure that the Amazon Prime film teases. I was excited by the idea of exploring the great unknown, all to be done at great risk. I love Eddie Redmayne’s tenacity and Felicity’s Jones’ pluckiness which they managed to project through the trailer. I was happy to see Himesh Patel in the cast, so fresh was I from watching his film Yesterday and I think he will do well in his supporting role.

I know this is not the first time that Eddie Redmayne will portray an eccentric scientist but he really does it so well, and he sells the idea to me everytime. He shows great chemistry with Felicity Jones in the teasers and I’m already worried about all the dangers they face while they’re up in the clouds without any hope for rescue if anything goes wrong. Cinematography, CGI, and musical scoring combined already gave me goosebumps. I am confident in the filmmaking style that the trailer implies.

I hope though, that even though The Aeronauts has decided to change some parts of the story, it will still remain truthful to the original experience of Glaisher and Coxwell to pay tribute to their contributions to science, especially at a time when people were wary to venture into the unknown. What these pioneers did took courage and became the springboard for advancements we are enjoying today so I hope the movie manages to capture the wonder of discovery and inspire the viewers with these ideas.