The Call: Korean Movie Review

I was actually curious about the casting of Jeon Jeong Seo as Tokyo in the Korean version of Money Heist so I wanted to check out her other projects. I ended up with the sci fi/crime thriller The Call on Netflix.

Synopsis: Seon Yeo (Park Shin Hye) returns home after years of estrangement from her mother to oversee the latter’s brain surgery. While staying in her old family home, she starts receiving mysterious calls from a girl named Oh Yeong Seok (Jeon Jeong Seo) whom, she discovers, lived in the same house two decades ago. They strike up a friendship and find out that they can rewrite the past because of their knowledge of the future.

At first glance, it seems cool that two people from separate timelines are able to communicate using a common device, in this case, a cordless phone. The friendship between two damaged 28 year olds seem ideal at first, given their common sufferings, but something seems off with Yeong Sook from the beginning.

She is a victim of abuse her shaman stepmother, who believes that her strange behavior is caused by possession or her ill fortune rather than actual mental illness. This, along with her captive lifestyle has worsened her condition.

When things start to turn for the worse when the timeline is adjusted, it came as no surprise. But the constant changes in the events the film made it more interesting as the past and future threatened to intersect.

It was a solid movie with great acting from Jeon Jeong Seo. I don’t know if its just me or if it really feels like Park Shin Hye is playing the same character over and over again. Is it because she approaches each role the same way?

Another issue that I found that is totally unrelated to the acting is that Jeon Jeong Seo looks like Super Junior’s Eunhyuk when he is cross dressing. I noticed it in the scene she was wearing a flamboyant red wig and fur coat. I just could not get myself to unsee it after.

Anyway, moral of the tale, as with others before it, don’t mess with the timeline. And don’t talk to strangers. It has serious consequences.

All in all, The Call was a good movie. It was creepy and intense in all the right place. The premise was not the most original but they did their best with it to come up with a solid film, even with the limited number of cast members.