Best and Worst Characters in The Umbrella Academy

I typically just stick to reviews but on special occasions, when I am feeling particularly disgruntled over some characters, I do this decompress. After watching back to back seasons of The Umbrella Academy, I just have too much feelings to share. So without further ado, here’s my list of my most hated (and loved) characters in the hit Netflix series.

Worst: Ben Hargreeves (The Horror)

Old Ben was pretty so-so. I couldn’t fault him because of the limitations that his character’s early death imposes on actor Justin H. Min. Well, for the first two seasons that is. As a Sparrow, he wasn’t any better. He was arrogant, annoying and really pushed all the wrong buttons. I think the problem here is with the casting. There is just something lacking in the portrayal that made Min seem like he was trying too hard to deliver on old or new Ben. He just never nails it.

Best: Lila

The introduction of Lila to The Umbrella Academy was really a great choice and Ritu Arya just had some crazy chemistry with Diego (David Castañeda) and Five (Aidan Gallagher) straight away. She pulled off the eccentricities and the badassery of the character flawlessly and it just felt like she belonged with the Brellys right away.

Worst: Allison (The Rumour)

Allison is on the list mainly because of the third season where she rebels after being the nice one in the previous seasons. But my annoyance with Allison’s character has been brewing since Season 2. I liked her storyline of standing up for Black People’s rights, but this character simply nests everywhere given what she knew about her role in the apocalypse and blames her siblings when she loses the people she connects with. The worst part was her indiscriminate hatred in Season 3 that poisoned each of her thoughts and actions. While lashing out was understandable because of her pain, she took it too far.

Best: Five (The Boy)

Aidan Gallagher is a talented kid. I’ve watched this guy on Nick when he was playing one of the quadruplets in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. Shifting to play such an intense character as Five, a fifty eight year old trapped in an adolescent’s body was no easy task, but he committed to it and he delivered in spades. In terms of mannerisms and physicality, Aidan is consistent across the board, portraying a cantankerous old dude who is is a thousand times wiser than any of his dodderheaded siblings but still loves them nonetheless and would do everything to keep them safe — yes, even slaughtering an entire boardroom of the Commissions directors for a shot to return to their original timeline.

Worst: Vanya (White Violin)

Whether as Viktor or Vanya, the character is just a downer. He just seems tired and mopey all of the time. It’s true that causing the apocalypse multiple times is tiring work but the way Elliot Page simply squanders all the attention and spotlight that showrunner Steve Blackman is directing his way with his mediocre performance is just a shame.

Best: Klaus (The Seance)

One of the most complex and interesting characters of the series, Robert Sheehan simply transcends in every scene he is in. As a druggie and a drunk, you want to shake Klaus senseless. As a gay character, you feel his pain in losing the love of his life and failing to save him for a second time. As a cult leader, you would follow him everywhere. He is the most non judgmental brother and he is just so pure and misunderstood. He delivers the best lines, steals every scene and he is just adorable, even when you want to bludgeon him in the head to knock some sense into him. I’m glad that he is discovering the extent of his powers but I am getting frustrated that he has never had the chance to showcase them more than a slight flex here and there. It’s a disservice to the character.

Worst: Reginald Hargreeves

As the source of all of his children’s psychological issues, Sir Reginald Hargreeves has kept his motivations a secret for many years across different timelines. He uses his kids mercilessly like tools without regard for their well being or their feelings. He betrays them constantly in the most deplorable ways. The worst is that he is a villain masquerading as a hero. He’s the absolute worst.

Runners up

Worst: The Handler

Kate Walsh effectively embodied this remorseless villainess to a T. She was good while she lasted.

Best: Hazel

This dude is just so cool.