The Lego Movie: A Review

The_Lego_Movie_posterIf there was ever a brilliant move to hit two birds with one stone, producing The Lego Movie was it. Not only was this movie an awesome way to spend an hour and forty minutes to reminisce growing up and building stuff with Lego blocks, but it was also a brilliant marketing strategy to promote Lego’s various product lines for this generation. I’m not complaining, I liked the movie and so did millions of kids and kids at heart around the world and its because everything was awesome.

In Legoland, the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell), a villain so obsessed with control and following directions, finally gets his hands on a mysterious weapon called the Kragle, a weapon so powerful that it gives its bearer the power to control the entire Lego universe. But a prophecy delivered by the wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) proves that not all hope is lost– a “special” will one day find the piece of resistance to save the land from Business’s tyranny. Fast forward to eight years later, Lord Business has become President Business, who has control of almost every aspect of life, brainwashing people to follow the instructions religiously and curbing their ability to think and create for themselves. Just when Business braces to freeze everything into permanency using the Kragle, ordinary construction worker Emmet (Chris Pratt) meets a girl named Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) and finds the elusive piece of resistance, which ignites something in him that just might save the day, just like a badass.

To tell you frankly, its pretty hard to write a review about this movie after seeing it because the theme song “Everything is awesome” just keeps on replaying itself over and over in my head. Its not such a bad thing because the tune is quite catchy and the message is kind of cool. Actually, its sort of an embodiment of the entire movie, but its hard to think of adjectives and just come up with just one word — awesome.

But it makes sense to describe this movie as such because it was really good. The Lego movie accomplished all that it set out to do. It managed to come out with a kid friendly animated film that uses up its entire Lego arsenal to bring viewers to Legoland and make people care about building stuff.  The character designs were so consistent with the actual toys and the movements were basically limited to what the toys can do so it was just like the actual experience of playing with Lego. Kudos to the entire film team for thinking this thing through.

The characters were great, especially Emmett voiced by Chris Pratt. Chris was great as the hero of the piece because his voice had a lot of personality and came across as a normal unassuming guy who was uncertainly tossed into the whole brouhaha. I loved Will Arnett as Batman. I loved Batman’s dialogues and generally, just the tongue in cheek manner in which the superheroes and the normally iconic characters were depicted. I liked that they poked fun at authority and massive franchises. It was actually what drew me to the movie from the trailer. In a word, it was hilarious. Liam Neeson (Bad Cop) and Morgan Freeman’s voices were very distinct and so when they lent their voices to the characters of the movie, it was really cool and funny.

I love that the movie inspires creativity and confidence in the viewers, and the way it was able to connect the events in Legoland with the real world. The story was pretty formulaic but its a kids’ movie and it delivered on what truly mattered. The comedic aspect of the film was goofy and the parodies and the sketches were excellent. I think connects well to audiences across generations.

The Lego Movie is truly a great watch for kids. It has a great moral and it had great effects. It was pretty consistent with actual Lego toys and it had everything in the Lego universe —  superheroes, dragons, construction, medieval action, pirates and everything a kid would want. It was like frolicking inside a giant toy store and finding a magical world of toys come to life. I don’t know what else could top that.