Reasons why I love Nadine Lustre (and she deserves a nod in the MTV EMAs)

MTV EMA Nadine Lustre I must admit that I have been a big fan of the James Reid and Nadine Lustre (JaDine) partnership on screen but I’ve never really stood up to pay attention to their music until recently when I heard Nadine Lustre’s EDM single Me and You as she performed it on ASAP, a weekly entertainment variety show.

I was impressed, so I hunted down more of her music from her first solo album Nadine Lustre. One thing led to another and soon I found myself becoming more curious about her music. So, I tracked back to the time when she was part of a girl group called Pop Girls and now I have a bigger respect for how she has evolved as an artist.

When I found out that James was nominated for Best Southeast Asian Act in the MTV EMAs 2015, I was so pumped. James deserves the nomination, and maybe even a win because he’s an awesome performer and an all around artist, but when I found out that Naddie had a chance to be nominated as well, I was doubly excited because she really deserves to be recognized for coming as far as she has.

Here’s a list of why I love Naddie (and why I think she needs to get the wild card slot in the MTV EMAs)

  1. She works hard to learn and improve. With every performance, she continues to give her all and do her best, whether it be a mall show, a product endorsement, her photography, her music, her acting, she always does her best to make sure that the next performance is even better than the last.
  2. She evolves. Naddie is naturally adventurous and she incorporates this trait in her music and her fashion style. From the time she was part of a girl group, to doing covers, to now performing her own songs, Naddie is unafraid to test the waters and change it up to give her fans something new.
  3. She’s a consummate professional. She works hard at her craft and recognizes that there is still a long way to go in order to become part of the entertainment business for the long term. She works hard and doesn’t rest on her current success and does not squander the opportunities given to her.
  4. She’s smart and down to earth. As an artist, its important to always connect with the audience. Naddie has her own fans who have followed her from way back until the growing group of OJD (Obsessive Jadine Disorder) victims now that are charmed by her and James’ love team. Never has there been an unkind word said about any encounter with the young up and comer by fans she has been able to interact with. She has a wonderful infectious smile, a winning personality and a quick wit that even the country’s most popular television hosts recognize as “fire.”
  5. She’s a geek. She dolls up for events, plays video games like a dude, boxes and cosplays, and she embraces this part of herself without concern about whether it will affect her popularity. That is badass.
  6. She loves music. She and her partner James love a wide variety of music which widens their horizons and perspective in the music business. When music is your passion, music is your passion.

Voting is open until Monday, 14 September at 5:59pm Singapore time. To vote for Naddie, tweet #MTVEMA and #NominateNadineLustre. Tweets should have both HTs and no emojis.
Let’s make this happen loves!

UPDATE: Naddie got the final slot in Best Southeast Asian Act in the MTV EMA 2015! Success! Now, time to vote for her to win. Follow this link: Nadine Lustre for MTV EMA 2015. Don’t forget to vote for her partner in crime too.

Here’s some EDM goodness from Naddie.