Who needs Kings? Women are taking over Westeros. FOR REALZ

daenerys dragonI don’t know about you but apart from my heartbreak about Summer and Hodor, I think that odds are stacking up quite nicely for the women in Westeros. After years and years of entrusting their fate to men, the women are finally coming to their own and taking control. At this point, its all about girl power in the Seven Kingdoms and here’s how the women stack up, in no particular order. Heck, they’re even making me talk gangster.

Ellaria-Sand-game-of-thrones-38414098-1022-535Ellaria Sand. You don’t kill off the love of her life (Prince Oberyn Martell), a man who was fighting to avenge the death of his sister — and then simply get away with it. Ellaria Sand and her daughters, the Sand Snakes will take their revenge on every single person who screwed them over and they’ve already begun. The body count is stacking up as they plan their attack on the Lannisters of King’s Landing.

Cersei-from-the-Season-6-trailer-810x456Cersei Lannister-Barratheon. Two of her children are gone. Her father is dead and she has been publicly shamed and paraded to be the fodder of ridicule in her own kingdom. This woman may be down but her blood is laced with poison, her heart is filled with rage, her head is filled with plans to topple the High Sparrow and the Tyrells, who have now managed to turn her own son, her only remaining child against her. Hell hath no fury like a queen mother scorned. You don’t mess with a woman with a reanimated Mountain by her side.

gallery_got_s4_mb_06Olenna and Margaery Tyrell. Grandmother and granddaughter have successfully schemed their way to make Margaery the queen of Westeros but family secrets tend to get the best of any powerful family. But Margaery once again managed to land on her feet (just as she was about to take the Walk of Shame to boot), in the process, screwing over her husband, the lily livered idiot that is Tommen Barratheon, by forging an alliance with the powerful High Sparrow, ensuring that she gets to stay in power and that her brother will be saved as well. Well played Margaery.

Sansa+StarkSansa Stark. After being passed around like a helpless ragdoll, forced to bend and endure the will of the men in her life, Sansa has finally had enough of the abuse and found the strength to escape the clutches of the sadistic bastard that is Ramsay Bolton (formerly Snow). She rallies her brother Jon (reanimated by the Red Woman after dying at the hands of his brothers in the Night’s Watch) to take back Winterfell, save their youngest brother Rickon and reclaim their home. While she may still be prone to some of Littlefinger’s bait, Sansa has shown tremendous improvement and a strong backbone, finally showing signs that she is Ned and Caitlyn Stark’s daughter. With Brienne, another badass female at her side, she is a force to be dealt with.

yaraYara Greyjoy. If there ever was a woman who deserved to rule her people, it would have been Yara Greyjoy, obedient daughter, devoted sister and a badass commander of the seas. But as always, all it takes is one egotistical male (I’m looking at you Euron) to usurp the throne. And in one instant, the reputation that she has acquired with years of battles falls by the wayside. Still, stealing the Ironborns’ best ships to spite the new king took a lot of balls and cunning. Good one Yara. And now , she and her brother are set to aid the Starks (I think) and Euron is in for a rude awakening if he thinks that Daenerys will not just forcibly take his ships from him when he comes knocking.

bran and meera game of thrones hboMeera Reed. If there ever was one character in this show that has been stressed out since her first appearance, it would be Meera. Her love for her brother Jogen, a warg, brought her to the company of the Starks to help Bran realize his destiny. So far, this mission has cost her her beloved sibling, and her freedom. While she survived the Whitewalker attack that resulted in the massacre of the three eyed raven and the Children of the Forest, as well as Summer and Hodor, she has remained loyal to protecting Bran and has so far kept him alive with the help of dear old Uncle Benjun. Meera has a long journey ahead of her but she is tough as nails and will play an important role in the battle against the Whitewalkers.

game-of-thrones-season-6-saison-6-ew-photoshootArya Stark. So she failed to complete her training as an assassin under Jaqen’s Many Faced God, as the remainder of her conscience compelled her to go against her mission. Now, she’s looking to hitch a ride out of Bravos to possibly reunite with her siblings in Winterfell. But she has the Waif on her tail with orders from Jaqen to kill her without making her suffer. So that’s quite a problem that she has to deal with before she gets to work offing the people in her list of targets. Hopefully, when she gets to Winterfell, she will come across Nymeria, who, according to the books has become some sort of Alpha Wolf in the forest. Arya’s proven herself to be one of the most resilient members of the Stark family, so I’m betting she does get out of Bravos in one piece and does damage to the Lannisters somewhat before possibly croaking. (Nobody’s really safe from death in this series).

Daenerys Targaryen. With the Unsullied, the Second Sons, the Dothraki warriors, as well as the remaining three dragons whom she calls her children, aiding her bid for the Iron Throne, all that’s needed for the Mother of Dragons, the Breaker of Chains, the Khaleesi and all other titles under her name is a fleet to take her to King’s Landing. For all intents and purposes, Daenerys’ bid is one to truly watch out for. She has great political advisers in Tyrion and Varys, a loyal confidante in Misandrei, reliable generals and strategists in Daario Naharis, Ser Jorah (who is on leave of absence to sure himself  from greyscale) and Greyworm, as well as a powerful army and name to support her claim. Plus she has a way with words that seriously inspires the goosebumps. Is this foreshadowing of a new world order on the Iron Throne?

These women are truly pulling all the stops and proving that the world of Westeros is indeed better without the men mucking up the decisions. Its interesting how these characters are shaping up and I’m quite excited about these new developments on the show (as I have yet to finish reading the books). Again I say, who needs kings?