Black Clover: The Dark Triad Arc Review

After I completed binging on the first three seasons and became up to date with Black Clover, I waited several weeks to complete The Dark Triad arc before I binged again. I couldn’t take weeks of waiting so I made the right choice by holding back on the binge. So far, I have only one complaint – that I have to wait again after that cliffhanger ending.

Synopsis: Magic Knights from the Clover Kingdom train for six months under the Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom so they can strike against Zogratis siblings, aka The Dark Triad, three devil possessed individuals who want to open the gates of hell so that demons can rule the earth. Before they can make their move, the triad attacks unexpectedly and prove just why they are so formidable.

I thought that the beginning of the fourth season was a bit slow but man, did Asta bulk up! It’s weird to see him so short and chunky but mad respect for his hard work and skills. Noelle also levelled up but she also got bossier. I love how all the characters developed into bada*ses but I felt like I needed to see more of Charlotte’s growth. Also, Charmy was even more adorable as a plump beast. I now ship her with Rill after he lost all the excess hair and started to look more grown up.

To say that this arc was brutal would be an understatement. Asta and the Black Bulls fought powerful enemies before but none as evil as the Zogratis siblings. Even Yuno with his Mana Zone was no match for Zenon. The Dark Triad showed no mercy and enjoyed inflicting pain, and some well established characters from previous seasons won’t even make it to the end of this one.

My favorite battle was of course Yami and Asta vs Dante Zogratis and Lucifero. They fought well together against Licht/Patolli but this battle was next level, especially since they were so in synch in their style and attack.

Season 4 served up a lot of shocks but it felt too short compared to previous arcs that were well fleshed out with a lot more episodes. I wish Black Clover would have gone on hiatus after the rescue mission rather than before, but on the other hand, its completely understandable given the challenges of the pandemic.

Speaking of the rescue mission, it gave me a kick to see how Charlotte reacted at the news about Yami and how Grey’s feelings for Gauche is unfolding. So cute. As for Yuno and Asta’s backstories, it would be interesting how this plays into their ultimate goal of becoming the Magic Emperor. Its interesting how destiny brought together Asta with his devil, especially after it was revealed how Liebe was connected to Asta’s mom Licita.

I’m also excited to see Nacht and Yami’s reunion and learn about their friendship before Nacht infiltrated the Spade Kingdom. It seems as if Zora and Magna will also be making a return in the next installment so it will be interesting to see what new tricks they have up their sleeves.

All in all, The Dark Triad arc was great but it only served to tease my excitement for what will come next. And now another long wait begins. I only take comfort in the fact that I can rewatch the entire series over and over again before the next one starts.

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